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Masked Owls Shop

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Margaret River is a hot-spot for the extraordinary and little-known Masked Owl. Purchasing from our shop will help raise funds to establish the Margaret River region as a safe haven for owls and other wildlife that are being killed by uncontrolled use of lethal rodenticides. You see, the majority of rat poisons sold freely at supermarkets, hardware and agricultural outlets contain chemicals that kill far more than their target. Masked Owls, Boobooks, Tawny Frogmouths and magpies are poisoned by eating their baited prey. Other animals such as Ring-tail Possums and household pets eat the bait directly. You can joins us a Masked Warrior by buying a t-shirt, or contribute via our Go Fund Me Campaign to donate, share, like and help us raise awareness. Every action helps! Art+Design by Tanya Edwards, Photo by Steve Castan (EstebantheNatureman)

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