Sleep Organic Body Oil

Relax your muscles and mind with this calmative blend of oils. A subtle aroma with sweet top notes. This oil can be used as a medicinal massage oil before bed to help promote sound sleep. Alternatively use daily as a moisturising body oil. Delivering essential fatty acids, lauric acid, vitamin E and antioxidants to nourish and feed your skin. The aroma will calm and relax your energy.

Size: 100ml



Ingredients: Margaret River olive oil*, coconut oil*, camellia oil*, Jojoba oil* & essential oils of; ylang ylang*, rose*, jasmine*, frangipani, sandalwood*, green tea, kaffir lime, patchouli*, orange blossom*, sweet fennel*, cedarwood*, rose*, lavender*, mandarin*, chamomile*,vanilla*, frankincense* & myrrh*

Directions for Use

Massage into skin in upward circular motions, concentrating on dry areas such as elbows and feet.

Additional information

Weight .2 kg

Margaret River Perfumery

At Margaret River Perfumery we believe that perfumes should not only smell purely divine, but they should make you feel amazing as well. We offer organic perfume, skincare home products aromatherapy oils and bath therapy. Eclectic Parfumerie combines natural botanicals with traditional French Perfumery methods used thousands of years ago to create perfumes that are as healing as they are beautiful. Artisan Organics is a therapeutic skincare range made from certified-organic botanicals, essential oil and minerals, beneficial for healthy skin and a healthy life. All our products are free from chemicals, parabens, and other nasty hidden ingredients. They’re 100% natural. Feel Amazing. Smell Amazing.


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