Organic Sleep Salve

Formulated with age old essential oil remedies for insomnia and sleeplessness. The salve will help you drift off into a restorative sleep and help light sleepers to stay asleep.

Size: 60ml



Ingredients: Margaret River olive oil*, soy wax*, cocoa butter*, coconut oil*, camellia oil*, jojoba oil*, and organic essential oils; sandalwood*, rose*, lavender*, mandarin*, chamomile*, frankincense*, myrrh* & vanilla* (*denotes certified organic ingredients)

Directions for Use

Rub a little onto temples, pulse point and under nose.

Additional information

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Margaret River Perfumery

At Margaret River Perfumery we believe that perfumes should not only smell purely divine, but they should make you feel amazing as well. We offer organic perfume, skincare home products aromatherapy oils and bath therapy. Eclectic Parfumerie combines natural botanicals with traditional French Perfumery methods used thousands of years ago to create perfumes that are as healing as they are beautiful. Artisan Organics is a therapeutic skincare range made from certified-organic botanicals, essential oil and minerals, beneficial for healthy skin and a healthy life. All our products are free from chemicals, parabens, and other nasty hidden ingredients. They’re 100% natural. Feel Amazing. Smell Amazing.


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