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Hi, thinking of selling?  We’re here to help boost the local economy. Why? For you and that little girl above because we choose a sustainable, thriving future for all – financially and naturally. We simply love our Regions and our planet and supporting local is one of the best and most rewarding ways. So we’re showcasing amazing local artisans, makers and producers like YOU. 

Local Benefits


#1 Here’s to a more level playing field.

Local products in a class of their own not competing with mass production.


#2 Helps raise awareness of local product.

So much to choose from, it helps to put local forward and get to know our creators.


#3 Easier to compare true costs when local products together.

Yep, better together. Is non-local mass-produced  really  cheaper considering shipping costs, travel miles and the hidden benefits?


#4 Supports our local artisans and creators.

We aim to be a business incubator that helps new and startup businesses to develop by providing a low-risk space.


#5 Products that LOVE YOU BACK!

Unconditional love from a product? We’ll go there! With ethical, organic and more sustainable products that not only love you, but the environment too. What’s not to love about that?

How Does it Work?

As an MRTC Store, you get to set-up and manage all aspects of your store in an easy, low-risk way, in good company. We promote not only our marketplace but your store too, giving you a marketing boost. The process at a glance is:


Contact us to help Set-up your Store


Create your products


Customers Purchase your Products


Get Notified of Orders (in Dashboard and email)


You Send Products to Customers


Mark your Orders as Fulfilled in your Dashboard


MRTC Automated Secure Payment (via Stripe)

Margaret River Perfumery Store Page

Click to view Margaret River Perfumery’s Store


MRTC Store Dashboard Panel

Click to view larger image of the Store Dashboard

Great Branding for your Business

Stores have their own Page (see MR Perfumery example left). Visit them in our Stores page. Features:

–  Large business name at the top of the page

–  Large image banner of your brand

–  Your name, logo, star reviews, location and contact details featured together

–  A brief paragraph about your business to allow your customers to get to know who you are and your ‘why’ the purpose for your business.

–  Your products are featured below with a filter for customers to fine tune their search.

–  A side panel on the right shows a physical location for your store for when customers are visiting our region that can meet you, sample your products or buy. If you don’t have a physical store, you can just enter your suburb and/or address if you offer local pick-up.

–  Also on the side panel is a list of categories your store is found in, and a contact form for customers queries.

Take Back Control with your Store Dashboard Panel

User-friendly navigation links on the left menu to setup and manage your store and a Knowledgebase with Instruction Manual:

–  Store Settings includes ‘Storefront’ for branding, google maps location, and store SEO.

–  Product Manager for adding and managing your products with image uploads, stock, and variables for products such as colour and size.

–  Coupons for store sales, discounts and marketing promos.

–  Stats / Reports for keeping track of your key business data.

–  Orders, Payments + Staff Management for order details, payments tracking and add a store manager.

–  Knowledgebase for your Welcome Pack and Instruction Manual.

–  The main Dashboard window featuring snapshots of key performance indicators, sales insights, traffic, earnings, and much more.

Pricing for the Future too…

Our prices are set for long-term success. To get started contact us or find out more below.

Wish to Know More?

MRTC Info Brochure

Information Brochure

Containing a little more about us, our why, vision and more.

Local Business Check

–  Situated in Southern Regions
–  At least 50% locally owned
–  Locally sourced where appropriate / available
–  Sustainability focussed where possible *

NOTE: We understand availability, location and economies of scale issues. Feel free to discuss further if needed.

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