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Eco Resources Forum for community – Welcome! Our purpose is to help reduce the time it takes to research eco, green, earth-friendly and more sustainable products and services, with transparency and public reviews.

Many of our stores naturally create earth-friendly products and have searched for equally friendly eco resources and packaging, accumulating a wealth of knowledge, such as Savi Earthlings who are leading the way with zero waste packaging refills. We’re sharing knowledge here to save time and potentially create a buying group to reduce costs. The main directory is below with links for each industry directory we’ve created – packaging, products and services. You can link to any eco resources directory, at any time, from the side panel on the right.

Forum Rules

The usual posting rules apply in our Eco Resources Forum such as communicate respectfully and understand everyone or every business can be at different stages in their environmental journey and eco awareness. So please be considerate and allow for that when responding to anything you feel may be a misinformed or incorrect. It’s best to support and encourage as we are all usually doing our best. See more in our Eco Resources Forum Rules here and thanks.

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