Buying local is no longer a new trend, but a growing need. The economy, like the weather, is annoyingly unpredictable – and that’s pretty much the only thing about it that won’t change.

Many towns around the globe are promoting buy local first when you can, because their communities simply need the support. And there are many good reasons why it helps.

10 Good Reasons to Buy Local…

Here’s ten from another community in Armidale, NSW (Locals4Locals) who have pretty much summed it up… except for a couple to come soon:

  1. Local Economic Stimulus
    When you purchase from locally-owned businesses more money is kept in the local community as they often purchase from other local businesses. Which in turn stimulates the local economy.
  2. Local Businesses Support your Lifestyle
    Anyone who has helped raise funds for a school or charitable organisation knows that it is significantly easier to source donations from locally owned business, and it’s unnecessary to get approval from a head office in a capital city!
  3. The Majority of Jobs in Australia are Provided By Local Businesses
    Small local businesses are the largest employers in Australia, so supporting a local business helps to both retain and grow jobs in your community.
  4. Unique Businesses Create Character & Prosperity
    The unique character of your local community is defined largely by the presence of local business. The distinctiveness of your local community increases the overall satisfaction with where you live and the value of your home and property. Furthermore, having unique and interesting businesses enhances tourism in the region.
  5. Customer Service is Better
    Local businesses often hire people with more specific product expertise which leads to better customer service. Therefore, local businesses are often able to specialise in products and services that are valued by the local community.
  6. You Can Sometimes Try Before You Buy Local
    Small business owners are generally on-site and it’s easier to ask a local owner if you can sample or trial a product. Try asking chain store staff or an online merchant if you can sample the product before deciding to buy! (NOTE – we aim to send out surprise samples! – MRTC)
  7. Local Business Owners Invest in Your Community
    Local businesses are owned by people who live in the community, so are less likely to leave, and are more committed to the community’s welfare and future. They have a direct commitment to you as they rely on your support.
  8. Public Benefits Far Outweigh Public Costs
    Local businesses require comparatively little infrastructure and more efficiently utilise public services.
  9. You Matter More
    Your values and desires are much more influential and important to a local business owner as opposed to managers of large chain stores. When you buy local you can also help to mould a local store through your purchasing decisions and feedback. As the success of local business relies on you and your feedback, local business owners are going to be more likely to treat you well and provide you with excellent service and after sales service.
  10. You Might get a Better Deal or some Good Advice
    Local businesses use their discretion to reward regular customers with discounts on items you actually want to buy. The owners and workers of locally owned businesses can inform you of the benefits of the products and services and can usually recommend products and services in light of the requirements of the local area. Often products from local providers are of superior quality and in many cases will be Australian or even locally made (NOTE – mostly locally made from us! – MRTCo).
When you buy local you spend your dollars where your heart is

So why wouldn’t you spend your dollars where your heart is? Whether you love where you live, or where you visit, it benefits all as every place is as unique as every person.

And the big chains? Not everything is available locally, and they are local somewhere too… and maybe, if more communities get behind buying local, it might encourage them to stock more local content. Here’s to maybe.

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I live in beautiful Margaret River with my family and founded The Margaret River Trading Co. We acknowledge the traditional owners of this land, the Wandandi people, past and present. I'm Noongar with Wagyl Kaip (Great Southern) ancestral ties and Scottish heritage (clan Bruce). I naturally promote this amazing area of the world and the MRTC came from wanting to help the community put the ability back into sustainability... everyone and everything should prosper, without it costing us, or our Earth.

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